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Get Zeus!Zeus
This must surely be one of the most powerful tools for building your very own vertical themed directory or portal. This has immense benefits in both link popularity and site theming.

Zeus is your very own search spider that looks for sites related to your keywords. He will work all night, spidering from site to site and noting the location of those that meet your criteria. You can simply go through his list and approve the sites that fit into your category. Zeus will also have the contact details of the webmasters ready, so that you can e-mail them and ask for a reciprocal link.

Zeus even provides an incentive for reciprocal links by placing the sites that link back at the top of the listings, above the sites that do not.

A full product review of Zeus by Roger Dooley is now available for those who want an independant review of the functions and features of Zeus.

This is a great tool that we heartily recommend you look at. Click here to get Zeus working on your site.

WebPosition Gold WebPosition Gold
Considered by most search engine ranking professionals to be the #1 program for the intelligent construction of doorway pages, tailored for individual search engines. As well as its ability to help with the fine tuning of engine specific doorway pages for specific keywords/phrases, WebPosition Gold provides a host of other great features.

BoardPower 1.12
BoardPower is totally free for non-commercial use (good news for those of you with Infotainment sites) and is cheap even for a commercial license.

It is built with Perl for an Apache server on either a Unix or NT platform. It allows for e-mail notification to replies for all participants in a thread, not just the thread starter.

Click here for free download of
Also available: and support files.

Turn your server logs into easy to read charts and graphs to give you an up to the minute update on your site's activity. These graphs enable you to see user country and domain name, authentication, bandwidth, missing links, as well as referrals, keywords, and operating systems. For example, you can see how visitors are finding your site, which search engines sent them to you using which keywords, and which web browser they are using.

This program is currently free!

A Perl5 script that analyses WWW logfiles for visitor information. The reports are generated in HTML format for easy viewing (sample reports). The script is free in return for useful feedback, but the Author will be more than glad of donations in appreciation of this script.

Cookie Cop
This neat application allows you more control over cookies accepted while browsing the web. Cookies can be a great way to store information relating to a website. Many forum sites use cookies to save you having to login manually with each visit. On the other hand, many sites use cookies to keep tabs on you and where you go without any advantage to you at all.

The cookie cop gives you a decent level of control so that you can allow the cookies that help you out, and refuse all the others that you neither want or need. Its free so download it now. Click to download.

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