Rithmix - a demonstration of current algorithm trends. Brought to you by AIM-pro.com .
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Rithmix (TM)
"Move to the 'Rithm!"

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    Rithmix and the Search Engines.


    Rithmix is is partly a means to learn the art of algorithm analysis and partly a tool in itself with which to see the trends of any given algorithm. For the maximum benefit to be gained from this tool there are certain uses and rules that must be understood.

    Rithmix is a 'live experiment' in keyword weightings, densities and prominences that can provide a first-line means to identify shifts in the trends of algorithms. To do this we need to neutralize or equalize external factors and off-page criteria.

    To counter the potential for unbalanced link-popularity to affect the results of the 'live' pages, we must insist that all links to this section are made to http://www.aim-pro.com/rithmix/ and not to any individual page within the Rithmix section.

    The possibility of external interference or sabotage exists which could negate the validity of the experiment pages. In order to minimize that risk, I have taken the opportunity to create a page that explains to the search engine operators exactly why Rithmix is a positive thing for the search engines too.

    Rithmix will help you to analyse the tastes of algorithms. This analysis is to help you to better present your content to the search engines. It is definitely not a 'replacement' for good, relevant, in-depth content.

    Seek to always work with the algorithms, and not to simply exploit them. If your traffic depends on the search engines, and the search engines depend on algorithms, then you must learn to respect those algorithms as much as you respect your position in the search results.

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