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"The crazy Rithm!"

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    Rithmix and the Search Engines.


    Rithmix could easily be blocked from the search engine index or even have its findings deliberately tampered with to mislead webmasters and others who sought to use it for their own benefit. However that would be a mistake for many reasons.

    Firstly, these pages are primarily a tutorial. If these pages get blocked or polluted then many webmasters will simply take what they learn here and create their own algorithm analysis pages to learn from directly. These may not all be webmasters who adhere to the AIM-pro anti-spam policies. In fact this is far from the only set of pages of this kind, it is merely the first ones made public and accessible to all.

    These pages help to show how good content is interpreted and indeed will out-rank pages of little or irrelevant content every time. It is in the interests of the search engines to help us show people how to help people find relevant and useful content rather than trying to 'bend' popular keywords to their own products.

    Of course it would be easy for representatives of any search engine to claim that these pages would help a competitor to analyse their algorithms. However, these pages deal with algorithm analysis purely on how this corresponds to page elements and has little if any bearing on actually designing a search engine. Also it doesn't take a genius to see that anyone capable of designing a search engine would be more than capable of building a more comprehensive means of analysing algorithms than these pages represent.

    I can just as easily, and with more conviction, argue that these pages are of great benefit to each engine. Here at last is a chance to show just how advanced the search engine algorithms are in each detail. It will also reduce the numbers of webmasters who inadvisably submit hundreds of varying pages trying to blindly hit the perfect balance of elements on a 'shotgun' style blanket-coverage basis.

    Blocking or spoiling the results of these pages has no effect upon us, nor really on our visitors. We are certainly able to compare these results against similar 'test' pages and sites to spot differing trends. And if anyone feels that preventing these pages from being indexed will likewise prevent people seeing them, then there is much they need to learn about hyperlinks. The Rithmix section will be linked to from dozens of sites of fellow webmasters and marketing professionals. The number of these links will just keep growing. These pages will be seen and that is all there is to that argument.

    Rithmix has validity in that it discusses how algorithms work and how just about anyone can perform simple experiments to analyse simple parts of them. It is not about abusing what is learnt and indeed actively discourages abuse. To block such pages would not be 'defence of privacy' or anything else that is noble. It would be censoring that of which the censor disapproves.

    Lets face it. The only persons or businesses that the Rithmix pages can harm are those 'so called' positioning companies who use 'spammy' keyword repetition, irrelevant keywords and cheap tricks to little avail and take money from companies who simply know no better.

    If these pages can help end the practices of spammers then both the search engines and AIM-pro have a shared benefit. AIM-pro members are not against the search engines. As stated in the AIM-pro policies, we share a common goal in having internet users know that the search engines are a reliable and effective manner to find information and products quickly and easily.


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