Bookmarklets for Webmasters

If you are new to the wonders of bookmarklets then these will really impress you. A bookmarklet is a javascript 'program' in URL form. To use them, you don't click them now. Instead you add them to your favourites or bookmarks. You can then call them up from the favourites menu to 'run' the scripts based on data in the page you are viewing when you use the bookmarklet.

For example: The bookmarklet, Search AV for Host will search on AltaVista for all pages from the host of whatever site you are viewing when you click the bookmarklet in your favourites window.

Windows users, simply right-click on the links below and choose 'Add to Favourites' or 'Add Bookmark' from the context menu. The 'tool' is then yours any time. Obviously, javascript must be enabled in your browser to use these bookmarklets.

Search AV for Host This one is obvious in purpose but very useful. The idea can easily be converted for other search engines. See below for more SE specific versions of this bookmarklet.

Search Hotbot for Host will search the Hotbot index for all pages with the host of the page that you are viewing when you click the bookmarklet.

Search Go for Host will search the Infoseek / Go index for all pages from the host domain of the page you are viewing when activating this bookmarklet from the Favourites menu.

Search NorthernLight for Host As with the above bookmarklets, this attempts to find all pages from the host of the page you are viewing when you activate the bookmarklet.

Find Related Pages indexed in Google This uses that great "what's related" search feature in Google to look up pages related to the one you are viewing when you use the bookmarklet.

Find Links to host on Lycos This bookmarklet will attempt to find all incoming links to the host in the Lycos index. If used here it would search Lycos for links to for example.

Calculate Length of string (upto 255) This will calculate the number of characters in a text string. Great for when you need to submit a title or description where every character counts. Because it runs from the browser, it can be used to calculate the length of the Title or Description of top-ranking pages. (View the source, highlight and copy the text string and then select this bookmarklet from your favourites.

Last Modified? will attempt to tell you when the current document was last modified. This bookmarklet will not work with framesets.

Count words in selected text Internet Explorer Only Version. Highlight some text on a page and then activate this bookmarklet to count the words in the selection.

List all links on page in new window. As you'd expect, this opens a new window in which are listed all the links on the page you are viewing when you activate this bookmarklet.

Search AltaVista This is simply a shortcut from anywhere to the AV search results. Try it out and I'm certain you'll find it useful.

Search Google Activate this bookmarklet and enter your search words in the dialog that appears and you'll be taken straight to the results page.

Search Looksmart As with the Search bookmarklets above, this time for the Looksmart directory.

Search Lycos Another 'shortcut' to the search results. This time it searches Lycos.

Search Northern Light The Northern Light search engine results get the bookmarklet treatment too.

Search ODP This bookmarklet allows a speedy search of the ODP (

Search WebCrawler Another search bookmarklet. This one takes you to the WebCrawler results.

Search Yahoo A search bookmarklet for the Yahoo! directory.


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