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Welcome to the private halls of the Members of AIM-pro. This section leads to the support, articles, special deals and exclusive content that is reserved especially for the members of AIM-pro.

This section is not yet 'live', and indeed is the center of a great amount of work as we ensure that we provide the depth and quality of content fitting to our valued members.

There is no question that membership of AIM-pro is superb value. At a tiny $60 for a full year of membership, it costs a mere $5 per month to have access to the specialized help, discounts on top webmaster products, and member resources of AIM-pro.

In fact, once you consider the discounts available to members for the range of great services and products that we endorse, you will find that your membership fee pays for itself many times over.

This is of course how we want it to be. We want AIM-pro to provide as much benefit as possible to fellow webmasters and web marketing professionals. We want to do all of this for the smallest possible cost to webmasters.

We will not rest on our laurels either. As our membership grows so will our power to negotiate new deals and discounts for members. It is the intention of the Board of AIM-pro to provide at least $600 of discounts on essential software and services to every member. Together, we can all make the business of E-commerce a little easier, cheaper and more reliable.

Ammon Johns
AKA Black Knight
Co-founder and Chairman of AIM-pro

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