Sometimes called "search words" or "keyphrases", keywords are critical to the web marketer. If someone wants to find something on a search engine they simply type in two or three words that they think should define what they want. The words are then matched against the database and results appear in order of how relevant they are to those words.

If your pages match the right keywords, the ones that most people would use to find the products and services you offer, you could have thousands of potential customers flocking to your site every single day. So now you need to guess the right keywords.

Think like a customer not like a promoter.

When you choose your keywords think of what someone looking for your product is likely to pick as the two or three words to define their search. This is not a five-minute job. Keyword selection is the single most important factor of all website promotion through the search engines. In that light give it all the attention it deserves.

Market Research for Keywords.

There are some great resources available for researching the keywords that customers really do use on a regular basis. Better still they are all neatly laid before you on the Keyword Research Resources page. Get inside knowledge of the simple words and phrases that could gain you an endless supply of eager customers.

Additional Tips for researching your keywords.

Ask everyone you know how they would search for your product or service. To make the most of this research take notes not only of the keywords, but also the search engine they would use, or any sites they would look in for links.

Great places to look for keywords are web sites related to your topic. By studying these, you may find variations in usage or alternate words that will attract more visitors. Note that even in sites sharing a common language, terms may vary by geography and other factors. Similarly, reading magazine articles, skimming books, etc., may suggest new terms.


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