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What's the big deal about "text links"? And why do webmasters seek out text links when an image link, like a banner, might generate more visibility?

The answer goes back to the concept of anchor text. Search engines, and Google in particular, has used the text of a link to determine what the target page or site is about. While text can be added to an image link in the form of the Alt attribute, most webmasters belive that visible link text is much more effective. One illustration of the power of link text is "Googlebombing", in which a large number of text links can cause the target site to rank highly for a search unrelated to the site's topic.

As a result of the potency of link text for SEO purposes, many webmasters seek out text links. Controlling the content of these links is also important - a keyword-based text link is almost always preferable to a link that is the domain name or says "click here".

Naturally, text links can be either one-way links or reciprocal links. Many SEOs advocate varying the text of these links. A high level of identical linkage is unusual on the web, and may be a flag to search engines that some kind of artificial linkage scheme is being used.

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