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Discussing one-way links seems rather redundant, since by definition a link is code placed on one website which creates a hyperlink to another website. The popularity of reciprocal links, combined with some concern that reciprocal linkage has fewer search engine benefits than one-way linkage, has created more interest in links that are specifically one way.

The link development process is more challenging when one is seeking one-way links. While a webmaster can contact others with link suggestions, there is little incentive for the other webmaster to put up a link unless he feels such a link would truly benefit his visitors. Sometimes webmasters may offer a link on another site as an incentive, or they can pay for the link. Buying links has some advantages, in that it usually offers more control over the link text and description, and perhaps over the page placement as well.

Directories often allow one way linkage, i.e., no link back is required.

Experienced search engine marketers believe that the best way to accumulate one way inbound links in the long run is to have a site filled with quality content. If visitors find your site useful, some will link to it from their own sites.

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