Website content can mean almost anything that can be incorporated into a site, but most webmasters think of content in terms of text: articles, reviews, product descriptions, etc. This focus on text content is sometimes driven by SEO concerns - search engines can read and index text, but have more difficulty working with other forms of content like images, audio, and video. This has led to the oft-repeated maxim, "Content is King".

The effect of content on site visitors shouldn't be overlooked, of course. Indeed, most webmasters create site content purely for humans who will visit the site. More site content, and higher quality content, will hold the interest of visitors longer and induce them to bookmark the site and return again.

Search engine marketers are starting to realize that good content helps in just about every area of site success, and often hire content writers to create articles and other text items.

Content Management Systems (CMS) are often used for large sites and also for smaller sites where content will be added by individuals who don't code HTML. CMS software enables simple text entry and proper formatting and linkage of the new content.

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