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What is Search Engine "spam"?

In the world of search engine marketing, "spam" seems to be a word that is used often, but means very different things to different people. The most cynical web marketers mock complaints about search engine spam, defining it as "Sites Postioned Above Mine"; more serious professionals consider it to be content that is deceptive or irrelevant to the searched term. Still others look at the techniques used to attain rankings; they consider even highly relevant content to be spam if rankings are obtained using aggressive search engine promotion techniques.

The original founders of AIM-pro proposed simple golden rule: The misrepresentation of a website, product or service is alien to the professional ethics and interests of genuine internet marketing professionals.

Misrepresentation of a website includes, non-exclusively:

  • The use of irrelevant keywords.
  • The use of redirection by any method, including pop-up windows, that takes a user to any site not relevant to the page and site indicated.
  • Deliberate submission of a site to an unrelated category of a directory.
  • The submission of any site for which you have no rights or permission.

Most ethical search engine marketers don't condone or accept any misrepresentation of websites and believe that surfers are given the straightest possible deal. This can only be accomplished through the ethical submissions of websites and pages to the search engines.

The use of irrelevant keywords is often referred to as 'keyword spamming' and is a clear form of misrepresentation of the website. Any professional web-promoter knows that only targeted hits generate reasonable click-thru ratios. The use of redirection to mislead surfers into places they had no interest in going is again the pathetic effort to mislead, not only the surfer and the search engine, but often the webmaster of the site receiving the traffic about click-thru ratios. Deliberately submitting a site to an irrelevant category is the directory based search engine equivalent of irrelevant keywords. A site in the wrong category will not generate the properly targeted hits that a true promoter desires.

The submission of a site you do not own, or act as a submission agent for, includes the practice of submitting affiliate links in the hope of generating revenue from those hits. This practice can result in multiple submissions of a root domain that then gets removed and blacklisted from the search engine.
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