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AIM-pro offers a tremendous amount to all its visitors, but for those taking up a full membership we have an amazing package. Take a look at these benefits available to members of AIM-pro.

In the members-only section there are additional tutorials aimed at the serious professional. There is also a dedicated members forum, dealing with professional issues and info. We shall be giving in depth results from our surveys. In short, this is an area for more specific and professionally oriented information and resources.

The special Members Trade Forum allows professionals to find each other for creating joint ventures, or for negotiating trade discounts for services between themselves. Find a CGI Scripter, or an expert Copy Writer, exchange links with each other to create networks. The Members Trade Forum allows you to really go global with your projects.

The Members of AIM-pro are given a host of discounts and special offers on the best software and resources around for profesionals marketeers. So far we are offering Wordtracker, Fantomaster cloaking technology, and Zeus, the Vertical Directory building spider, with exclusive discounts to members of AIM-pro. Despite the fact that these discounts alone total a higher value than the cost of membership, we are still pursuing more.

There are still more benefits of membership, such as automatic inclusion in the link popularity program, and we are continuing to seek still more. As our membership grows we gain even more negotiating power. We hope to bring all members a free e-mail account as soon as possible.

Membership is just $60 per year!

Want even more? Take a look at what we offer to an Affiliate member...

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