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The AIM-pro mission is to promote the common interests of all online promoters and marketeers. Whether you are marketing your own site or you are a professional promoter with a string of clients, AIM-pro is here to help you.  AIM-pro works to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Provide a complete resource center where webmasters and marketeers can find quality help, advice and resources.  AIM-pro is here to make the industry stronger by helping everyone, from the newcomer to the old pro, to reliably achieve successful marketing.  In this way we can provide greater quality assurance to businesses and provide some much-needed industry standards.

  2. Give a strong, unified voice to professionals in the webpromotion and marketing business. Our strength of unity is applied to give stability to an industry that has for too long been more like a lottery than a reliable business strategy.  Together we have the strength to ensure that our common interests are addressed, and to campaign at every possible level to further improve the industry.

  3. Promote greater understanding and cooperation between the search engines and the webmasters and promoters.  We all have a common interest in seeing the use of search engines grow, and in surfers using them as a reliable means to find what they are seeking.  AIM-pro works towards preventing the kind of irrelevant listings and submission spamming that reduce the efficiency of the search engines to the detriment of all.  AIM-pro shall encourage the growth and use of user-friendly search engines.
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