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AIM-pro offers a true 'mark of distinction' for the truly professional members - our Affiliate Membership package. As an Affiliate member you may advertise your services or products, as 'approved by AIM-pro' and right here on the AIM-pro website. The Affiliate membership offers all the great benefits of membership, but adds an even more exclusive and valuable set of options to the deal. Applications for Affiliate Member status are dependant upon verification of professional quality workmanship. We see our Affiliate members as being the professionals that AIM-pro can commend to its visitors as having quality and methods that are affiliated to our own. The Affiliate Members directory allows visitors to quickly find reliable, quality services and products right here at the AIM-pro site. All affiliate members are automatically added to the directory so that our visitors can find them and contact them with confidence. AIM-pro takes no commision from work you gain from the AIM-pro site. Our interest lies in being able to commend professional services and quality products to our visitors. The AIM-pro Affiliate Members gain a free e-mail account to prove their credentials should they wish (name@AIM-pro.net). They also gain priority replies to enquiries, and provisions can be made for direct one-on-one coaching on any areas of expertise required. If you have the skills and knowledge to become an AIM-pro affiliate, or if you would like further details, contact us now.

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What AIM-pro offers you
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