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Web promotion. E-commerce. Website Promotions. Search Engine Optimization. Buzz-words that everyone quotes and few can explain. Here at AIM-pro we strip away the buzz from these words and bring you the facts behind the hype.

Welcome to the home of reliable web promotion and internet marketing. AIM-pro provides support, tips, tools and services for E-commerce web-promotions, all backed by respected industry professionals. This is no hype - The 'About AIM-pro' section will clearly detail who we are, what we promise and how we can deliver.

The Association of Internet Marketing Professionals web site now serves as a repository of useful content, including articles for webmasters and web-promoters, special deals on top industry software and services, and a great deal more.

Check our latest additions: the Web Marketing Glossary. Early entries include topics like Pay Per Click, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and ROI. Our latest additions include blog and Web 2.0

We've also found that site hosting is one of the more confusing areas for web marketers, so visit our Web Hosting Tutorial for simple explanations of terminology and alternatives.

New: read about the rel = nofollow tag attribute for link tags.




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